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About us.

Imparqt Associates is a home-grown architectural practice evolving in tandem with the building of nationhood. Founded in 2010 with a deep concern for the built environment and the need to create responsive architecture of excellence, it aims to enrich the human experience and spirit through its planning and architectural works.

Founded by two Architects, formerly practicing with highly exposed firms, we have generated and participated in many significant projects over more than 16 years of continued operation; yet the process of critical self-renewal remains in our culture as we seek to stay meaningfully relevant to the society we serve. Through a strong commitment to design excellence, we aspire to make our imparqt (read impact) on the global stage by making significant contributions to the field of architecture and to the design environment, with the aim to improve the quality of life of the people who enjoy our work- This is our bold vision.

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Imparqt Assocates

Imparqt Associates

Pot 57A, Luthuli avenue Bugolobi,

P.O Box 9290, Kampala-Uganda,

Tel: +256 752 445 026

Tel: +256 701 445 026

Tel: +256 751 614 057

Tel: +256 701 614 055 

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Imparqt Associates

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